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The Telepresence
Mobile Robot System


The Telepresence Mobile Robot System enables a visitor to see through the eyes of a robot. Whether stationary or fully mobile (see options A & B) the telerobot is equipped with two camera "eyes", the output of which is displayed on a specialized viewer.

The basic telerobot system has three primary components: a computer- controlled stereo camera system, a fixed-mount viewer, and a communications/interface package. From a fixed viewing location, users see a life-sized, stereoscopic image of a remote location from the viewpoint of the telerobot. The viewpoint of the telerobot is controlled by means of a head- coupled viewer. As the visitor moves the head-coupled Binocular Omni- Orientation Monitor (BOOM) viewer, the "eyes" of the camera platform are likewise oriented providing the visitor with a persepective from the telerobot point of view.

Optional modifications to the telerobot are available that can provide the ability for the visitor to explore a remote location and to interact with other visitors. This includes a battery-powered, mobility platform for the telerobot that users can control through a simple joystick interface. Additional features can be added to provide wireless communication between viewer and telerobot, and a custom optical dome surrounding the camera system to ensure safe operation in the remote environment. In all configurations, additional color video monitors can be located in the installation for other participants to observe the telerobot's changing viewpoint.

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Features that can be added to the system at additional cost:

A. Mobility Platform

B. Wireless Remote

C. Outdoor Installation Kit

D. Binaural Sound

E. Package Design

F. User Interface Enhancements

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